Underwater World LangkawiOut of the Adventure Guide by Kamila Delart:


Tel:        +60 (4 ) 955 6100
Email:    enquiries@edenzil.com

Website: underwaterworldlangkawi.com.my

One of the largest marine and fresh water aquaria in South East Asia, the Underwater World Langkawi features on 34,701 square feet over 4000 animals and aquatic life forms! Divided in themed areas, there is a ‘Tropical Rainforest’ section with reptiles, natural river eco-system with sweet water fishes, and jungle path with tiny marmoset monkeys and exotic birds freely walking and flying around.  

The ‘Temperate World’ is home to Southern Fur Seals and Blackfooted Penguins. One of the main attractions is the ‘Sub-Antarctic’ area with the Rockhopper Penguins. Measuring only 18-23 inches, the tiny creatures with their adorable yellow ‘eyebrows’ like to jump from boulder to boulder, making sure they live up to their name.  The ‘Freshwater Section’ features exotic turtles and the bizarre Stingray that resembles a floating hat with a wide brim. The highlight of the ‘Marine Life’ section is the 15 meter long tunnel with Giant Grouper, Sharks and Giant Rays swimming not only around you but also above your heads. Make sure you look up! A mesmerizing colorful underwater garden, the ‘Coral Section’ is home to Giant Clams, Damsels and Wrasses. The Koi Pond is set in an open-air tropical garden with jungle trees, dense green foliage, and a cascading waterfall!

Beautifully designed, the Underwater World Langkawi created an environment that truly resembles the original habitat of its adorable residents, providing you with the unique opportunity to observe close-up the natural behavior of the animals: You may spot a crab eating a piece of catfish,  Spiny Tailed Lizard climbing up a rock, and sharks chasing one another. And if you pay attention to the varying colors of the Blackfooted Penguins, you will notice that there are about 20 chicks - born at the premises only a few months ago! Providing throughout the facility information boards, you can learn a lot about the animals, their natural territory and behavior, gaining new appreciation for the delicate balance of the underwater world, and the need to preserve the beautiful aquatic environment. If you are looking for a fun family time, watch out for regular feeding times or purchase at the ticket counter fish food to feed the Japanese Carps in the Koi Pond.

Operating Hours
10.00 am - 6.00 pm (last entrance)
  9.30 am - 6.30 pm public & school holidays

Feeding Sessions:
Macaw                         10.30am
African Penguin           11.00am       2.45pm
Rockhopper Penguin   11.15am       3.00pm
Otter                            11.45am       3.45pm
Furseal                                             2.30pm
Fish in Tunnel Tank                         3.30pm

Entrance Fee                                                                         
                                                                        MyKAD rate
Children (3 -12 years old)         RM 30             RM 20
Adults                                        RM 40             RM 30
Malaysian Seniors
(50 years and above)                                       RM 24