History of Malaysia


Ancient Malaysia: 35,000 BC - 100 BC
We do know that homo sapiens have been in Malaysia for a long time. The oldest known evidence of human habitation is a skull from the Niah Caves in Sarawak dating from 35,000 years before Christ. On the peninsula, stone age tools and implements from about 10,000 BC have been found, and some archeologists suggest that they were left there by the predecessors of the Negrito aborigines - one of the earliest groups to inhabit the peninsula.

The ancient Spice Route

Malaysia's exotic history is intricately intertwined with the history of the ancient Spice Route. With its strategic crosswinds location at the heart of Southeast Asia, Malaysia was an ancient maritime base pivotal to the trade routes from Europe, the Orient, India and China. The maritime hub was located in the southeast state of Malacca. Here, a thriving seaport arose to became the place where East and West met. It would establish Malacca's position as the most influential port in Southeast Asia. Thee traders from around the world brought more than just business to the shores of Malacca. They would leave a legacy that dramatically impacted the course of the country's history, culture, religions, traditions... and its cuisine.