Oriental Village LangkawiBy Sara Lemos

The Oriental Village –

The Gateway to Langkawi Geopark

Located in the North West of Langkawi, the Oriental Village has always been the hub for visitors waiting to take the scenic cable car ride up to the top of MaChincang Mountain. Over the last few years the Oriental Village itself has developed and there are now many other activities and interesting things to do, making a visit to the village a great day out.

There are several galleries and educational centres located within the confines of The Oriental Village. Discover why Langkawi has been named one of 64 Geoparks in the world, at The Geopark information Centre. There are several types of stone samples on exhibit along with interesting historical and geological facts about Langkawi and its surrounds.

Langkawi TigerYou can also pay a visit to the Tiger Tiger! Gallery & Exhibit; where you can learn all about Malaysian tigers, as well as observe Langkawi’s first tiger, nameOriental Village Langkawid Zanah.

The Bolaven Café is also located at the entrance to the exhibit, selling rich aromatic coffee derived from the Bolaven Plateau in Laos. Entrance to the Tiger Tiger! Gallery & Exhibitis free.

You can while away spend some of the time shopping. There are a huge range of souvenir shops and retail outlets selling very reasonably priced products. Goods range from hand printed t-shirts, exotic dresses and sarongs to stuffed toys, arts and crafts. The ZonDuty Free Emporium is also located here, selling alcohol, fragrances and tobacco.

If you are feeling hungry, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants around. Choose from a range of enticing cuisines including Malay, Thai, Japanese and others. You will find something delicious to eat whatever your taste, and at an affordable price too.

Kids will have a great time at the Oriental Village with so many exciting activities on offer. They can ride around in an electric toy car or toy bike; take a boat out around the lake; visit the Petting Cornesr and feed the rabbits, deer and fish; as well as play on the swings and slides in the kids park.

Oriental Village LangkawiAdults can have fun too! Choose from activities such as quad biking, SEGWAY guided tours and motor-cross trails. The Langkawi Anjung Spa is also nearby if you’d rather relax for a while. Their speciality is Fish Spa Therapy; whilst immersing your feet in water, fish nibble at your feet giving you a natural pedicure.

As well as visiting the Petting Corners, there are other opportunities to meet the wildlife. Langkawi Elephant Adventures offer rides on their famous Asian Elephant named Lasah. The elephant appeared in the movie ‘Anna and The king’, filmed on Langkawi back in 2004. As you walk around the village you will also see people with snakes; if you dare, you can hold one and have your picture taken!

Oriental Village LangkawiThe Oriental Village is a great place to visit whilst inLangkawi. At the end of the day, if you feel like staying here longer, you can always book into the Geopark Hotel located on site. A boutique hotel with affordable rooms nestled at the foothills of MaChincang Mountain. Wake up to amazing views and look forward to a full day of enjoyment at The Oriental Village.



About the author:  Sara Lemos
Sara first traveled SE Asia in 2001 and has since been back many times. She is now trying to make it her home.
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