(Prices at 7 September, 2010) all prices since UP !
So take the prices down here only as a comparative basis between the different possibilities.



Available from fuel dock at RM2.18 p/ltr. (Cash or credit card)
Call Marina ch69 for staff assistance.

Telaga: Fuel dock RM1.99p/ltr. Call marina ch69 for staff assistance.
Pay by cash or credit card at Petronas. Also available from
Petronas self service at RM1.80 p/ltr. Hand trolley is in marina.
Rebak: Not available. (Fuel dock was wrecked in '04 tsunami & not replaced).
Fuel Barge Diesel only from Shell barge, Kuah Harbour: at RM2.27p/ltr. (20.01.2011).  (Cash only). Phone: Shell Station: 04 966 6278



RLYC: Not available.
Telaga: Fuel dock RM1.99 p/ltr, or Petronas self service at marina, RM1.80 p/ltr. (Cash or credit card).
Rebak: Not available.  
Fuel Barge: Not available.

Another option is to rent a car and take fuel drums to any petrol station, or go by taxi.
If the taxi driver tells you that he's not allowed to do so, you have to take another taxi.
The taxi association does NOT forbid the drivers to transport your fuel in a taxi. 
Drivers who refuse are worried about fumes or possible spillage.


RLYC: No charge to berth holders. Boats from outside can fill tanks for
RM10 and wash boat for extra RM5 p/hr. Call marina office ch69
to get dock position before arrival.

No charge to berth holders. Boats from outside pay RM30 for unlimited water for two hours to wash boat/fill tanks. Check with marina, ch69 if landing dock is available. Also if you pay RM5 p/day, you can land
in your dinghy and fill drums with unlimited water and fuel.  

Rebak: All water usage is charged, including berth holders.
2 sen. p/ltr. from Jeti Pelancongan, or free from The Pier Restaurant. Enter lagoon in front of The Pier by dinghy, only at two hours either side of high tide.



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