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Tips on Living here:

For the tips on 'living here' - see Living in Langkawi in the Tips for Langkawi.

Need a new book to read?

In S.K. Intertrade (close to Bayview Hotel) you will find a good library in alphabetical order.
You pay a small depoisit - and if book isn't returned within one month, 'consider it sold'.

In "The Pier Restaurant" you can swap books for free.

When you're at SK Intertrade you might want to check this out:

SUGGESTION: The best cruising guide for this whole region is 'Sail Thailand', now in it's 4th edition. It includes Langkawi and the Mergui Archipelago. It's a great book and is a MUST for every sailor around here.

You can buy for RM75 at S.K. Intertrade in Kuah Town (Near the Bayview Hotel).

The book is high quality printing with a lot of glossy pictures - but the binding is very poor.
It will fall apart within a short time. S.K. Intertrade will re-bind it for you straight away when you buy it, with a perfectly fitting spiral binding - for free! Just ask them.

WARNING: Dinghies left in places with security, such as Jeti Pelancongan or RYLC, can be considered safe for temporary periods while ashore in daylight hours. However, as is the general rule anywhere in the cruising world, if left in remote places or with no security they are at risk and liable for theft. This also applies, while in any anchorage, for dinghies that are NOT in davits, or on deck, or not secured with heavy stainless cable and locks if they are left in the water overnight.  "Better to be safe than sorry"