Langkawi International Yacht Registry:

Anyone can register a yacht in Malaysia.
You don't need to be a resident and due to
duty free status there's no import duty to pay.
By following the guidlines set out below,
you or your agent can lodge an application
at the Harbour Master office at Level One,
Jetty Point, Kuah, 9 - 5, Sun-Thu, 04-9666134
(which is the same office for Check IN/OUT)

Items needed: 

Completion of forms (which are supplied) for the following items: 
 1.  Application of Approved Name or Change of Name (if applicable)
 2.  Application to Register Yacht  
 3.  Declaration of Ownership. 
 4.  Particulars of Yacht.
One copy of other items required from either originals or copies:
 5.  Copy of front page of passport.
 6.  Builder's Cerificate (only if a new construction).
 7.  Bill of Sale. (from when you bought the boat)
 8.  Copy of Certificate of Previous Registration (whether current or expired) 
 9.  Deletion Certificate (from country where present registration was cancelled)
10. Colour photograph of boat. (printout of close-up digital shot is okay)

Applications will be accepted, ONLY when ALL items above are supplied.
Applications take approximately 6 weeks to be processed in Port Klang Head Office.
Applicant is notified by phone or email to collect new registration at Kuah office.
Upon collection, pay one time fee of RM1,140.00 plus RM380.00 one year registration.
Each year thereafter, you pay RM380 annual registration fee. The fees can only be paid by Bank Cheque or money order from the post office, or by your agent.

Note: Of above items, only # 3. (Declaration of Owner) must be signed by the owner.
All other items can be supplied/signed by an agent and lodged on owner's behalf.

For a fee of RM350, I can act as agent, which includes gathering all the above items, lodge applications and collect the new registration, and also obtain the fees from the applicant and pay everything on his behalf. This service is particularly suited to absentee owners, or those who don't wish to spend long periods in a Government office filling in complicated forms and getting Bank Cheques or money orders.

Call agent Bob McKean +(6)014-2535038 or email: