Acar Awak (spicy mixed vegetable pickle)


This dish acts as an appetiser in any meal.
It adds zest to a plain dish of fried 'economy' beehoon.

500g cucumber
300g cabbage, cut 3cm thick
100g cauliflower, cut into small florets
100g carrots, cut into 3cm long strips

Belacan - that Divine Smelly Shrimp PasteBalcan -T he Shrimp paste

Call it full-flavoured, aromatic, spicy or downright nasty, Malaysian cuisine boasts more pungent varieties than arguably any other country in the world. This piquant character manifests itself in various forms, in fresh fruits (durian and jackfruit), in condiments (budu), preserves (cincaluk and tempoyak) and the innocuous looking belacan or shrimp paste. The last item is as indispensible to Malaysian cooking as herbs are to Italian cuisine or soya sauce to Chinese. Why, some purists go as far as to declare that your 'Malaysianess' hinges on whether or not you like belacan!

Acar Hu (fish pickle)


The other ingredients, like onion and garlic still impart their individual aromas. The deep-friend fish absorbs the gravy and becomes succulent and moist.


1 kg fish fillet or small whole fish (eg 'chee ya hu')
2 tsp salt (or according to taste)
Oil for deep frying the fish
30g (5cm) fresh turmeric root, sliced thinly
4 tbsp cooking oil
100g young ginger, sliced thinly
100g garlic, sliced thinly
30g (3) red chillies, seeded and quartered
30g (3) green chillies, seeded and quartered
250ml vinegar
8-10 tbsp sugar . . .

Otak-Otak - Traditional Malaysian Fish Mousse

Preparation time: 80 minutes.
Actual cooking time: 20 minutes.

Tip from the chef: Turmeric is vital to this traditional Malaysian dish, Daun kadok can be substituted with basil leaves. Remark' This dish can also be served on coconut leaves.

For the stuffing Ingredients:

500 gram red snapper sliced skinless
500 gram mackerel sliced skinless
Method: Mince both fish in the mincer three times.
Then transfer to a bowl and keep it on ice.