Ther are 3 Pharmacies in Kuah (and a 4th that doesn't realy deserve this name) and one in Pantai Cenang.

See in the Directory under "Pharmacy" to get their address and phone Numbers.

Things might be 'out of stock' -  and a phone call could be a good idea.

You can get most medicaments on Langkawi - but not everything everywhere.

- Painkillers

you will find in the Shopping Mall beside the counter.

Common medicaments like

- Asthma Inhaler

These you can get free of prescription in the different pharmacies.

- Sleeping Pills:

These you will not find in the Pharmacy.

You have to go to a doctor and get it from his clinic.

It looks like all the kind of pills which could be abused 'like drugs' are controlled.

If you need something special - go to the main Hospital.

But even there you will often find a generic medicament only.

If you need something very special you will find it on Penang or on the mainland
(Alor Setar).

And: in about 1 hr you are in Thailand with the ferry - and there the rules are quite different and you will be able to get things there you can not get easily in Malaysia.

- Viagra:

You might get it from a Clinic (Doctor) - but you can not get it in a Pharmacy on Langkawi.

Viagra or similar you can get from a Pharmacy in Alor Setar (probably in Penang too - this I am not sure of,) officially and with no problems - but at an exorbitant high price.

In Johor Baru illegal generic Viagra is sold quite openly on the street - but as I said: It is illegal.



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