There is somewhere in LADA (Langkawi Development Authority) an Officer responsible for Consumer Protection. To find him you can either go to the LADA Information Counter or to the Langkawi Tourist Information Center, and they will call him.

This is useful to know.

I had a situation with an electrical water boiler. The temperature switch did not work: the first time I used it, the plastic melted away...There was no way to get it replaced, although it was clearly under warranty. I was told they had to send it back and have approval to replace it from the factory and this approval just didn't come.

After several weeks of trying it the nice way I threatened to go to the 'Consumer Protection' immediately.

"Oh", they said, "you can do that, you can do that, that doesn't interest us" - but within 3 minutes they found a reason, why it was now ok to replace it, without losing face...



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