The tap-water in Langkawi might be 'safe' to drink - but certainly not healthy, as it contains sometimes quite a lot of chlorine. And the amount they put in obviously differs from time to time.

The traditional Malay and Chinese way to handle this, is to always have a big pot of (practically) boiling water on the fire. In this way the chlorine gets out and you don't taste it anymore.

Some restaurants, though, just use tap water to make a coffee - and the coffee then smells so strongly and disgusting like chlorine, that I have had to refuse it a few times and indeed brought more than one restaurant to change their practice and to only use 'reversed osmosis' water for coffee.

If you are a coffee lover, be aware of that.


At home I first had the big waterbottles which one turns upside down on a special stand (which can make hot water).

For quite some time this was ok.

Then one day the water in this big bottle smelled bad and tasted badly. So I gave all the bottles back.

I got no real explanation. I heard something that 'this could happen if they do not change the filter at the right time'.

My trust in this water and the company was gone.

I now live out of the 1 1/2 lt. waterbottles you can buy everywhere...


Yes, there are water filters you can install.

So far I have not found one that really makes water that is as neutral as reverse osmosis water.



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