The Langkawi Hospital is a good hospital and pretty well equipped. But for several severe emergencies they still have to take the patients to Penang or the Mainland (Alor Setar). And this - until now - happens by using ferry transport. There is no Helicopter Service yet, although this would definitively be life saving in some cases.

Several attempts have been made to realise such a Helicopter Transport - but so far it never came into existence. There should now be a special speed boat to bring patients to Penang or AlorSetar - but don't rely on it.

My own experiences in the Langkawi Hospital were pretty good. I had nearly cut my thumb off my left hand with a grinder, working on my boat (cutting wood and the blade getting in a nail...) - and I found a very good doctor who fixed me up very successfully and who was also a very nice human being, very happy seeing me able to use my thumb again...

Furthermore it was very cheap.... As my injury was life threatening - I had lost a lot of blood - the whole operation was free of charge and I paid only for my stay of one week in the Hospital bed. The reason for this is a Muslim practice, that when you save the life of an other person you do not charge for it.

Indeed a truly great Spirit.



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