I just changed my address. I found a big house 6km away from Kuah for a low rent.

My phone was switched over to the new address within a day.

But Streamyx - my Internet Access - (which I need badly!!) was still not working after 7 days!..... Despite about 15 phone calls with different people - who were all very friendly - no one had time to show up. I even offered to pay for their visit.

The Call Center of Maxis gave me a Report No. - and told me I had now to wait for 2 more days - only then could they upgrade my problem to the next level of emergency and do something about it. This after I had waited for 5 days already!

Just when my anger about Streamyx reached it's climax - an accountant ! - some one who had served me in the TM office in Kuah and was obviously not a technician at all (his name is Mr. Fahmi) drove personally out to my place on his own initiative and fixed it. I was stunned. (And he got some chocolate the next day).

In short: Do not rely on times. Things may take a bit longer and things are not always very well organised - but as one can see: positive surprises are also possible.


If you need something - a service or goods - you can sometimes get it for a very fair price - or, you can be asked to pay twice or more of what it is worth.

Both is possible. So don't rely on the goodwill of others, check the prices out beforehand. It might sometimes be a good idea to make friends with a local and to let him do the bargaining. If the seller knows that his goods or services are for a yachtie or an expat, he thinks you have a lot of money. Otherwise you wouldn't have had the money to come here - right?

It is common knowledge that you should keep calm in every situation - but -  what can you do with a western temperament? I am definitively the wrong person to teach you that...



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