Langkawi is a pretty safe place to be. Also for Women.
They can walk alone through Kuah at night without any problem.
It is certainly much safer than Thailand.

And you will very probably not encounter any dangerous situation.



There is no corruption here on the level a 'normal tourist' would encounter.
Which means: Immigration, Harbor Master and Custom will not ask you for money for their own pocket.
Which is great!


The days where you could leave something valuable unattended - are over.

A friend of me - a sailor - bought a new bicycle. A good quality 'sports edition'. Proudly he showed it to me. - The next day he looked rather unhappy. In fact he looked furious. He had chained it to a little palm tree on the water front in Kuah - and when he came back the next morning from his boat, the palm tree was cut and the bicycle gone.

I had burglars in my yacht twice (the yacht was on the beach) and they took everything they thought they could sell fast.

On the other side I heared of a man who had the following experience:

He went to a certain Night Spot pretty regularly once or twice a week. One day he had a few beers too much and found himself waking up on the small grass lane outside of the 'club'.

His pockets were empty. No keys, no wallet, no phone - nothing anymore.

In the evening he went back to the same 'club' again and when he entered, the man behind the bar smiled and without a word put all the missing things before him on the counter. They had 'saved' them, so their customer would not be robbed....



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