Road Safety

I estimate the road toll to be about 3 times higher than in a western country. That means about one person dead every 3 days through a road accident on Langkawi.

I understand if you do not want to believe me. Check it out.


Dangerous Drivers

Hmm... be aware that you are in Asia: most people here live in the moment. They live not a few seconds ahead. They will not foresee that when they hit the brakes brutally - for no other reason than testing them - the following car will evidently bump into them and persons in both car miht be killed.

Just a few days ago I stopped my bike behind a car who had stopped at a stop sign. Suddenly the woman at the wheel decided that she was already too far into the street and started to drive backwards. Without looking if there was something behind her.!! She crashed my motorbike to the floor and I could just jump from it.

Sometimes later a man, sitting on his bike that stood still an the left side of the street (this was in Kisap) suddenly decided to cross the street with his bike without looking at all if there was something coming. I was on my bike and of course crashed into him. I had no chance to do otherwise. Luckily I was not too fast, otherwise I could be dead.

With that I will not say, that driving here is dangerous - IF you keep your distance and expect the unexpected . . .


The condition of the Roads

Another thing is the condition the roads and walkways are in.

The big roads are in a fairly good condition, and even the smaller roads are normally in a fairly good condition for driving - BUT there can be a big hole somewhere in a street for months.

You can NOT walk or drive where you can not SEE the ground below you.


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