There is no public transport and the Taxis are too expensive in the long run.

In short: you probably need to rent a car or a motor bike.


The price for renting a car is today (February 2008) :

Kind of car

per day

per week

per month

Key deposit

Small, manual

RM 50.-

RM 300.-

RM 1000.-

RM 50.-

Small, automatic

RM 60.-

RM 400.-


RM 50.-

Bigger - Luxury Car costs (much) more

Small Motorbike: RM 40 per day.

The prices include 3rd party insurance, but with an uninsured portion of RM 2000


On special Holidays like Hari Raya, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, etc... the prices can go up substantially.

The prices above are from 'Lankasia Travel & Tours SDN.BHD" at the Jetty Point Komplex.

This car rental service has at the moment about 40 cars for rent.

Tel: 017 544 6569 and 012 435 0043

Drivers Licence: The practice is that you do not need an International Licence.
If you are from a western country, your original licence will be accepted.
But for some countries this will not be the case.

See their Website:

These are tourist prices. If you ask around you can get the same thing - and especially monthly renting - for much less.

For a car just ask any car repair shop...



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