Langkawi has no Road Maps

The map given to the tourists is so incredibly bad, that in the center of Kuah, one of the main roads is simply missing. Most of them have no street names shown.

The problem is not a simple one: Patrick of the printed Langkawi Link told me: "We tried to find out what our address is. The street we are on has 3 different names...."

Recently the whole Island has been plotted with a GPS - and we all hope that this will result in a new Langkawi Map.

Until then the only way to find something here is to ask around, to go by taxi or find a friend who knows and can explain it, using the well known landmarks, like 'near to the "Kentucky Fried Chicken" . . .

Once the 'Langkawi Gazette' is in a state where it does not need so much work anymore, we will concentrate on this problem....



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