If you intend to bring along your pets, there are certain requirements which you have to follow.

Malaysia’s regulation on animal quarantine is depending on which country you are coming from i.e. in which country the pet has been before. There is an official website from the Department of Veterinary Service of Malaysia which will give you a good overview of the requirements from each country.

However, you might wish to check with your forwarding service as well as the immigration office as regulations may change without any prior notice. You can obtain more information at this website: http://www.jphpk.gov.my/ .

There is a very good vet on the island outside Bonton which can take care of your pets for a very reasonable price. They also care for stray animals on the island, if you come across any just drop them in. They also run a cat and dog sanctuary. There are very few dogs held as pet in Langkawi as there are considered to be unclean by many locals.

The above is taken from the Langkawi Ladybirds Social Club Directory. Thank you!


There are a LOT of wild dogs on the Island. They are fed by Chinese construction sites sometimes and by the Thai Temple near Kuah (assisted by the Bonton Animal Clinic). If they come in too big numbers near places where they disturb, they are shot down by the government from time to time.

The Muslims do regard dogs as unclean. The Chinese and Indians like dogs normally.

The veterinarian is Dr. Tim. See the Directory under Animal Clinic.



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