We do have several places which could be regarded as “Shopping Centres”.

The two I would consider to be “real” Shopping Centres are the

- Langkawi Fair  (between Kuah and the Jetty, closer to the Jetty) and the
- Langkawi Parade (out of Kuah in the direction to Airport, but close to Kuah)

They both have a Supermarket.
(Langkawi Fair: Billion, Langkawi Parade: TSH = Teow Soon Huat )

Then there is the
- Jetty Point  Centre (watch it, website not updated since 2007, stand March 09)
which is similar to the
- Airport Centre

both are more for the exclusive shopping, aiming at tourists.
Both have a ‘Starbucks’ coffee shop.


Then there are two more, which are places put up by the government, where Local People sell there Batik, T-Shirts and local “Gamat-" and other Medicine, beside other things of course.

You can find very nice things there, saris and shirts, and all kind of souvenirs, etc…but there is no big diversity in regard to the kind of shops.


They are:

The Langkawi Plaza in Kuah (beside the 'Bay View Hotel' and the brand new
"Pekan Rabu" Mall beside the big Mosque in Kuah. (March 09).


The ‘Nightmarket’ is every day at an other place (see Community Agenda under ‘Ongoing’.)

The Nightmarket is a ‘standard happening’ with a lot of people, fruits, veggies, snacks of all kinds, clothes, watches and u name it. It's a real "community-event". All the sellers are Local People. 

Mark  04.09.


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