There is an outlet, McPhee’s Deli, which carries imported goods mainly from Australia and they would as well order certain items such as gluten free foods for you. See the Directory entries under: Western Food

Coffee can be purchased at McPhee’s or at the 2 Starbucks outlets
(Jetty Point and Airport).

Pork products are very limited on Langkawi

If you like to eat Pork, I can recommend “Bak Kut Teh” (which means “Pork” “Bone” and “Thee” – a herbal soup with pork, eaten together with rice. Very nice and not expensive. This is served in the “Shark Fing Restaurant”.

In both Malls, “Langkawi Fair” and “Langkawi Parade”, good frozen meat can now be bought (but no pork) – and more and more other shops have western food too.

See under “Western Food” in the Directory.

(The above contains parts of the Directory of the Langkawi Ladybirds Club )


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