There are different kinds of 'land' in Langkawi.

There is 'Bumiputra Land', There is 'Free Hold Land' and there is 'Government Land'. The 'Bumiputra Land' cannot be sold to a Non-Bumiputra. So you need to have a Bumiputra in between. These deals are done by lawyers and property brokers. In regard to 'how safe and secure they are', especially in the event of an unforeseen upcoming legal case, the opinions differ greatly.

Free Hold Land is very expensive, and it seems that there are restrictions too.

Sometimes you are told that "it is Freehold" but it is not.

Do not buy land without direct access to a public road - or the owner of the land who has a 'Right of Way' on it, might harrass you for the rest of your life - EVEN if you have made a written agreement and have paid for the right to use his land to accessing yours.

Do not rush into anything!