Things have changed a bit since 2007 - it's now (2009) and it's harder to get a Work Permit for different reasons.

The owner of a restaurant in Kuah mentioned above had to renew the work permit for an employee. It took him about 10 visits to the Immigration Office at Telaga Harbour. Everytime they asked for new forms to be filled out and other things. He was near despair.

After he had finally got the work permit, at the last possible date (we sat down together and analyzed the reason for this. In short - not to be too personal to anyone - it consists of:

People not being sure what to do and afraid to make mistakes.
These people try to be helpful - but are under the pressure of not beeing seen as giving any favours as the 'anti-corruption' campaigne was in full swing.

At one time the passport of this reaturant owner was passed around every single employee in the Immigration Office at Telaga Harbour, everyone was trying to find out the right thing that should be done.

From my personal experience and the many reports I got,
I would recommend (for a Sdn. Bhd.):

- Do NOT try to get your work permit in Langkawi. Go directly to Kuala Lumpur (Putrajaya). Reason: you deal with people who have a standard routine and know what to do there.

- Do not try to get your work permit yourself. Get an EXPERIENCED Agent with a good reputation who deals with Immigration in Putrajaya on a daily basis. Although he cannot do miracles, his connections and good relations can help to smoothen out little bumps on the road.

- Get such an Agent who will claim only a minimal Fee if his application is not successfull. He will try harder.

You can find one of them here (Directory)