Langkawi Waterfall (Manmade)
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Langkawi Waterfall - ManmadeLangkawi Waterfall is located along the road to Datai Bay, just a short distance from Temurun Waterfall. It is unique as it flows over a 50-metre road cave tunnel. Driving through the tunnel, you can also see fascinating mini waterfalls, which complement the surrounding natural flora.

The cool, cascading waters of the 3-tier waterfall is indeed a refreshing sight.

The construction of the waterfall began in August 2003 and was completed 7 months later. At 66.92 meter, Langkawi Waterfall is the highest manmade waterfall in Malaysia, as certified by the Malaysia Book of Records in 2004.

The Langkawi Waterfall was the brainchild of former prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. It is intended to showcase the lush beauty of Langkawi - although in an island of many waterfalls, adding an artificial one may not seem at all necessary.

The Langkawi Fall is made up of three tiers and using water from the Sungai Temurun River, is diverted and channelled manually to flow across the tunnel with the final tier levelling out to form a beautiful cascade.

Grottoes are constructed around the Langkawi Waterfall, which is beautifully landscaped. Swallows and bats have made home here and it is foreseen to house an even larger variety of wildlife in time to come.