Langkawi Life February 2012

A Three-Day Getaway to Langkawi

By Teviot Fairservis

Figure 1 Photo: Arifuddin Rahmad. View of the island from the Tower at Gunung Raya.

A relative or friend calls, texts, or emails – they are coming to Langkawi! And they only have a few days free to get away for a much-needed holiday. Where will you go? How will you keep your family or friend feeling happy and satisfied? The senior folks say they want to sample foreign cuisines, mothers want to go shopping, the teens would enjoy a jungle or boating adventure, the dads want to hit the golf course while everyone says they want to have some time to hang out at the beach. Where can you go that will please everyone of all ages? Malaysia’s northernmost island chain, Langkawi, has it all within an hour’s drive maximum.

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