Walking down the Cable CarHow about walking down from the Base- or Top-Station
of the Langkawi Cable Car?

Just after I had put together a big article about the Cable Car, Dev’s Adventure Tour brought an article in their Blog about 'Walking down the Cable Car' in their March/April Blog:

" We got a few times the question if the trek from the cable car down would be interesting and we have asked Aida, one of our naturalists, to try this out.

The cable car has 2 stations: top station and middle station. The walk from the top to the middle station is the shortest and this will take you 20-30 minutes only. The walk from the middle station down to the bottom of the mountain will take longer and this will be 2.5 – 3 hours under good weather circumstances.
Walking down the Cable Car 2

The trails are clear and it is sometimes a bit rocky. There are concrete steps and there are even some trees with name tags on which makes it interesting. Along the trail Aida heard a lot of birds calling but only spotted a few, but she did see a lot of butterflies. The first part to the middle station was more interesting to walk than the second part as the surrounding is a bit the same and there is not much variety in plants and trees and she saw a lot of bamboo. 

Aida - a Tour Guide and Naturalist of Dev's Adventure Tour walking down the Cable Car

During the second part there were some wooden bridges with rotten wood that she could not cross. As it was during dry season she could cross the dry river, but this would be impossible during the wetter months. In case you are interested to do this trek down, please always take a mobile phone with you. Although there is not coverage at all places, most of the trek will be covered. For more information about this trek you can always contact us at

info@langkawi-nature.com "

There is more information on this Blog and a few more nice pictures of local (Eurasian)Otters. See here. 

One thing you should be aware of, if you intend to do this, is, that walking down a mountain is said to be more tiring than walking it up.

Aida, on the picture above, did not mention this. She looks so young and healthy and in good condition - that she might not be aware that it could be a bit tiring for others ....