Advertorial by Kamila Delart


Every time I was watching people riding horses along the idyllic beach around Pantai Kok, I wished I could be one of them. The horse mane blowing in the wind, man and animal united in the rhythm of the motion, the glittering waves of the Andaman Sea in the background…  Images of freedom and joy!

The thing is - I never sat on a horse before. Surely a pre-requisite for taking part in a horse riding adventure... Or so I thought until I found out that Langkawi’s ISLAND HORSES offer a variety of rides, with some of them being specifically designed for absolute beginners. And so I found myself on the way to the Perdana Stables.

The four-acre complex has an exercise circuit and riding paddocks, and as I walk along the freshly cleaned barns, beautiful horses with shiny coats and bright eyes are nodding with their heads as if to greet me. One of the horsewomen is caressing a tiny foal and I cannot resist but hold on for a moment and just watch. It’s such a touching scene!

Once in the office, I get a fitting helmet, and am escorted by Mazlan who will be leading my horse on a rope throughout the entire adventure. Just a minute later, he introduces me to Lady Alyssa, a gorgeous snow-white mare that belongs to Tun Mahathir.  Standing next to her, I feel a healthy respect, wondering whether she can sense that I am slightly afraid. I carefully stretch out my hand, hear a gentle blow and feel a stream of hot breath as Lady Alyssa exhales through her nose. She seems curious. Determined to make a good impression, I smile and softly stroke her head, feeling the silky skin between her kind eyes. Lady Alyssa makes a quiet vibrating nicker-sound and moves slowly towards me - her way to say ‘hello’. Encouraged by her friendliness, I climb on her back and make myself comfortable in the saddle.

Island Horses LangkawiThe Perdana Stables are on the foot of Gunung Matchinchang, and so only a few minutes later we are in the jungle, following a narrow path winding among dense greenery. We are going up and down the hill, the ground is rather uneven, and so I hang on to the saddle as if my life depended on it. But once I notice that Mazlan is watching every single step, and Lady Alyssa is gentle and kind, I slowly relax, ease into the riding rhythm, and begin to look around. 

Above our heads is the canopy of thousands years old trees. I listen to the love-call of a cicada and the chirping of birds. Inhaling the earthy air of the rainforest, I suddenly notice a sweet fragrance. I look around and see a bush with beautiful yellow blossoms. Not being the only one enchanted by the honey-like aroma, there are colorful butterflies twirling around. What a sight! And there is more to come: While leaving the rainforest, we cross a gurgling jungle stream. Enjoying the cool water around her feet, Lady Alyssa slows down, savoring the refreshing sensation.

Island Horses LangkawiWe ride through pine groves, and only a few minutes later we reach a sandy beach. The turquoise sea sparkles in the sun, Lady Alyssa’s mane blows gently in the breeze, there is a beautiful bird sitting on the rocks… Just as in my fantasy! A few families enjoy in the shade of the palm trees an afternoon picnic, and the kids - excited by the sight of my horse - begin to wave, laughing with joy as I reciprocate.

In front of us appears the Telaga Harbour. I gently caress Lady Alyssa’s mane, and we watch together the setting sun, admiring the white sails of yachts proudly glistening in the Mediterranean inspired Marina.

I ask Mazlan to take a few pictures. Easier said than done as Lady Alyssa is not a fan of posing. Then again - she is right. Rather than standing around and staring into a camera, we should go ahead and explore the dreamlike surroundings, making the most of the time I have with Langkawi’s ISLAND HORSES.

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