Langkawi has a florishing


Here are some infos and pictures:


Our Charter Night, which was very successful:




We have done already 2 projects:

Brought in a student from Germany, Laura Goksch from the Rotary IYE -International Youth Exchange program. This is the start of a short student exchange program, which allows the children of our members do the same in the near future.

Anmd we helped a Rotarian, who brings already since for years Rice and dry food to the needy people on this island and we combined that with special rice with vitamins (9 packages per family) and shoes from RC of George town - Penang. Also one Rotarian gave nice batik and towels for the Hari Raya.


For Hari Raya the Rotary gave the children of the Orphanage As Salam nice "Toppies", buttons for their clothes and some jeans.


New projects in the pipeline are:


Skipping Ropes project - exercise for youngsters.

Legend park update

Cataract Operations together with RC Alor Setar

Clean the Waterways - together with CIMB

Zumba Event for fund raising

Jelly Fish Project

Dictionaries for schools

Project to bring sick people to Treatment Centre

Swimming lessons for poor people

Old folks home

Building a house for a poor family

Ria van der Hoff

Rotary Club of Langkawi

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