Mamma Rozie looks after
your Cats & Dogs

If you have to leave Langkawi for a short time,
she will take care of your cat or dog.

She will love to do it. 

Here are some points, Rozie asked me to tell you:


For Cats:
1.Large safety cage with fresh air and clean environment
2.Playground area for scratching and relaxing.
3.Toilet sand without flush
4.2x feeding with can food for breakfast and Royal Canin for dinner
5.Daily checking on the cats health condition.
6.Daily personal chat with them so they feel like home.

For Dogs similar:
Large Cages where they can be together or separated as needed.
You are invited to go and visit Mamma Rozie and her Cats & Dogs.
Just give her a call and make an appointment.

Rozie Luetkemeier:
HP: 012-525 7014
Home & Fax : 04-967 2575

82H,Lorong 2 Bukit Indah
Taman Bukit Indah
07000 Langkawi

Daily health check - medical treatment if required.

Rozie speaks English.