Top Ten Sport Bistro 

(Live Music, HotSpot)

Location: On the the half-island on which Bella Vista is on.

Things to know:
Can I enter without eating there? Yes
What is the price of a Beer?  RM 15.00 per glass
Happy Hour - 18.00 - 22.00   Buy one - free one
Dress Code: None  Casual  Smart-Casual  Formal

Entrance Fee: After Happy Hour the Entrance Fee is
RM 20.00 per person. This includes one free drink.

Opening Hours daily:     6pm - 3.45am         
Happy Hours: 6pm - 10pm.  Band starts: 11pm. 

Description of the place:
The place is a real night club with everything you would expect. The music of the band is VERY loud - no way to have a personal conversation :-) .  There have been police raids in the recent past - looking for drugs.

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