Quick anchorage finder
From list below select an
 anchorage and find it in
 the map grid reference.
 Click number (red circle).
 A new 'pop-up' window
 will have a photo of the
 anchorage plus Lat/Long
 and lots of information:

  1. Bass Hbr - Kuah    F4

  2. Monkey Beach.     E6

  3. The 'Fiords'           E7

  4. Christmas Bay.      E7

  5. Fisherman's Cove E7

  6. Singa Besar.         C6

  7. Sunset Bay.          C5

  8. Pantai Cenang.     B3

  9. Telaga Harbour     B3

10. Datai Bay.             B1

11. Tanjun Rhu.           F1

12. Hole In The Wall.   F1

13. Pulau Timun.         H4

14. Bumbon Island.    G5